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Kiosks and Digital Interactive Signage

Kiosks and Digital Interactive Signage

This is purely automated presentations. Content is being created and pushed in sync to displays worldwide. This is truly the best global signage system. Display in Paris, NY and Singapore at the same time and control what is next instantly.

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TV box LSSODD-044

LSSODD-044 - SmartTV Box

LSSODD-044 is a high-quality, AV over IP streaming box solution that provides digital media distribution with unmatched scalability and ease of deployment on existing IP networks.

LSSODD-044 supports all types of AV sources to be distributed through existing Ethernet networks to all types of endpoints, from video wall screens to single TVs, large-display screens, laptops or mobile devices

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Designers and Content Creators

Meetings, Conferences and Hotels

This is the right solution for you if you want to manage large numbers of presenters and presentations. You turn your tablet, mobile or laptop in a fully featured remote display and ensure anyone in the conference or meeting room can see your slides and is able to follow you.

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